Our Mission

Project Vortex is an international not-for-profit collective of artists, designers and architects actively focusing on the global problem of plastic pollution through our work. Operating at the intersection of art and science, we strive to inspire people to rethink and reinvent plastic debris through innovation, creative stewardship, and education. We aim to improve global understanding of the impacts of plastic pollution and to assist in the development of initiatives to restrict the flow of plastic debris to our oceans.


Education has the unique potential to shift current trajectories in terms of our global plastic debris problem. With less than 10% of plastics created to date having been recycled, it is clear that recycling is not the primary solution to this problem. It is time to educate people around the globe on this timely, growing shared toxic waste problem. Click the link below to see various lesson plans and resources to help educators. Collective members often assist with implementation, or give talks and lectures on various aspects of creative stewardship and related initiatives.


The cultural/environmental work we are engaged in supports all life on earth, ranging from plankton to people. Considering that scientists have identified alarming quantities of toxic micro-plastics in both bottled and tap water world wide, we ask you to consider supporting us so that we can continue to do this timely work. In addition to offering educational resources to approach this topic through a visually inspired lens, we also offer select works for sale through Project Vortex from which we donate a minimum of 50% of proceeds to related clean up and conservation organizations.