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We know that living a plastic free life is challenging and more so that eliminating plastic from the planet is perhaps unattainable in our lifetime. With love and respect for the planet, we are hoping that a zero-waste system can be achieved as we continue to clean and plan for Earth’s environmental future. To help you live a more plastic-free life and make simple changes with your everyday living, we’ve identified 30 products you use in your everyday life to help you make a small change every day of the month. …..blah blah placeholder etc.

Please note we have no direct relationships with the items linked below but in some cases may receive a rebate - - yada yada all proceeds are directly or indirectly re-intested into our initiatives.

Rothy’s Slip Ons (machine washable) made from used plastic water bottles using 3-D knitting process that reduces waste. Insole made of foam that has been sourced from recycled shoes further reducing carbon footprints (give $20 get $20)https://rothys.com/share

Solutions for Plastic Free Living

Zero-Waste Inspired Living