Florie Salnot


Florie Salnot was born in France and lives and works currently in Hamburg. She has a background in Social Sciences (La Sorbonne) and Cabinet Making (Ecole Boulle) and graduated from the Royal College of Art, London with a MA in Design Products in 2010.

Florie Salnot is a designer working in the area of social design, craft and product design. The vision behind, and motivation for her work is to use design as a medium to improve people’s lives, to strengthen individual and cultural confidence and to enable independent living. She believes in a collaborative approach with people all along the design process. This includes creative and empathic research methods to gain first hand insights. Florie is passionate about craft making techniques and exploring the various possibilities offered by materials.

For Plastic Gold, Salnot developed a technique, specifically designed to transform discarded plastic bottles into pieces of jewellery, that could be practiced within the barren conditions of the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria. The technique uses only hot sand, simple hand tools and some paint. Plastic Gold aimed to empower the Saharawis both economically and culturally by enabling them to practice craft activities despite the lack of traditional resources.

American. Based in NY, USA.

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